Morning in ‘Kazbek'

Morning in ‘Kazbek'
For tourists, the breakfast in Georgia is an obligatory part of the program. In traditional small guest houses the owners cook themselves for their guests: they bake khachapuri, fry sunny side eggs, chop vegetables and cheese, and, if necessary, can treat the large feasts’ after-effects. The hospitality and the wish to feed, to take care of the guests, it’s a striking national feature. It has something to do with the archetypal motherly care, and if relaxed, one can nourish not only the stomach, but the soul.#FR# So, it’s now what one can find in ‘Kazbek’ – from morning to lunch time: Saturday-Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm. There are quite traditional breakfasts as well – namely, oatmeal porridge with walnuts and dried fruits (280 rub.), or rice porridge with cherry, walnuts and cinnamon jam cooked by well-known mother Nana (320 rub.). Sunny side eggs with fried suluguni and beef wrapped in bacon in the shape of shashlik with tomato sauce (560 rub.) and scrambled eggs: with green beans, onions and spices (360 rub.), with spinach and suluguni (380 rub.) or tomatoes, suluguni, shashkulavi and Svan salt (420 rub.).

A more pronounced national flavor can be found in pancakes under the sauce made of a light Nadugi creamy curd cheese, nuts, honey and sour cream (380 rub.), in Kveri – Mingrelian dumplings stuffed with suluguni and served with madzoon instead of a sauce (160 rub.), in Achme – a filling layer-cake with suluguni and Imereti cheese (410 rub.).
In case breakfast is just a smooth connection between yesterday feast and today one, then you can be saved either by a portion of Chikhirtma – a thick soup on chicken broth with white wine vinegar, wheat flour and egg yolks (390 rub.)
Or a plate of a thick but as transparent as a tear aromatic and saturated khash (420 rub.) that our Chef Mamiya Jojua has cooked himself for two days on beef hooves and other byproducts. The Chef makes khash following the recipes of his senior colleagues from the sunny Baku. Those, who are just the beginners in joining the traditions of a Georgian ‘bracer’ are offered milk and garlic, the advanced users are served a shot of Chacha. Such a treatment will chase away not only the specific weakness and headache, but also all other troubles! Checked by centuries of experience.

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