Evgenia Dellos

The owner of TURANDOT gallery
The graduate of Sorbonne and an experienced antiquary, Evgenia shares Lev Tolstoys opinion that great works of art are great only because they are accessible to and can be understood by everybody. She is sure that antiques are the best investment. Among the clients of her Gallery were Catherine Deneuve who bought Kuznetsov porcelain, and Gérard Depardieu, who bought a luxurious Ural emerald for Carole Bouquet. Personally, Evgenia prefers European neoclassicism and French Renaissance; her favorite style is mannerism.

Turandot Antique

Turandot Antique antique gallery is one the most beautiful and acclaimed antique galleries of Moscow. The guests are presented with vast collections including unique items of decorative arts, the authenticity of which is proven by the competent experts of the leading Moscow museums: baroque cabinets, rhinestone lusters, the items by Russian and European painters, imperial porcelain, silver plate, bronze and marble sculptures.


The Buccellati name has been known in the jewelry and silver world since the mid-eighteenth century, when Contardo Buccellati established his first store. Buccellati art is timeless - a vivid example of the wonderful jewelry art, possessing absolute category of value in any epoch.

Turandot Flower Gallery

Turandot Flower Gallery

Right in the center of Moscow, (26, Tverskoy boulevard) at TVRANDOT Gallery there is a strikingly beautiful florist boutique Turandot Flower Gallery.

Embassy of Beauty

The history of The Embassy of Beauty started in 1996. It was the first elite club in Moscow where guests were initiated into the mystery of beauty. Today the Centre for Cosmetology and Beauty Aesthetics provides the highest standard of service and takes great care of clients.

Methode Cholley

METHODE CHOLLEY is the synthesis of modern Swiss technology skin care science and time tested traditions drawing on restoring and rejuvenating of selected plants and natural extracts. It is a holistic approach to your skins preservation, health and beauty.

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