Cafe pushkin

In the middle of the past century a French chansonnier Gilbert Becaud sang a remarkably romantic song Nathalie about his love to a Russian interpreter. He sang about the time when he was treating his guide with hot chocolate in Café Pushkin, and after this song many people believed for years that this café really existed in Moscow. In 1999 Andrey Dellos made this myth a reality and at the opening of the restaurant Gilbert Becaud sang Nathalie for the first time in a real Café Pushkin.



Café Pushkin confectionery creates in the best way possible an atmosphere of socializing. This place suits perfectly for a family tea-party, romantic date, meetings with friends and business negotiations. Besides coffee, tea and desserts you can also have lunch and dinner by ordering meals from the menu of Café Pushkin restaurant.



This is an extraordinarily audacious and creative state-of-the-art project, abundant in cultural and gastronomic events. The concept of the new venue is based on casual gastronomique the cuisine which is vibrant and profound, yet simple and easy-to-understand, really casual as the name suggests. Fahrenheit offers a unique and diverse space. The classic loft style a combination of concrete, metal and glass is softened by leather and wooden accents, and a laid-back chat with the restaurant guests in the open kitchen helps the atmosphere of the place come alive. The person in charge of the bar is Denis Kryazhev, the winner of Diageo Reserve World Class 2012 and the Bartender of the Year-2013.



Instead of a Gogolesque style tavern one is now presented with an impressive loft equipped with an open kitchen and grill claim the projects designers, AndariDellos and Yuri Andreev. The restaurant now breathes an air of space and light due to the newly fitted window installations but maintains loyality to its roots with the refurbished 19th century brickwork and old unrefined wooden floors.



Turandot is a restaurant of European and pan-Asian cuisine; being one of the biggest restaurants with pan-Asian cuisine in the world, Turandot impresses with splendor and scale.



Bochka is the first project of Andrey Dellos. The restaurant was set up in 1996 and it immediately conquered every guests heart with finger-licking good food and cosy atmosphere. In December 2010 Andrey Dellos reopened Bochka in a brand-new format. The interior has undergone a stylish makeover: the medieval tavern image gave way to contemporary eclecticism so that the restaurant looks more spacious now.


A new restaurant of authentic Georgian cuisine Kazbek has recently opened next to Bochka and Shinok. This is a symbol restaurant, an image restaurant, an impression restaurant in the best traditions of Maison Dellos.


The menu is based on the fish mongers recipes that allow keeping the products freshness and taste at most. For stroganina, for example, only the fish coming from under the ice catch is used. It is not only considered to be the fattiest, but instantly get frozen at the very hole. The fine swirls of nelma, Arctic sturgeon, sockeye, muksun, bulltrout and chinook are served with three dips a spicy tomato sauce, an exotic one with sesame and ginger and a traditional mixture of salt and pepper.


Matryoshka is a stylish two-storey restaurant of Russian cuisine in Moscow. The interior harmoniously combines modern trends, elements of antiquity and industrial motives: antique pharmacy-bar, custom-made cast-iron stairs, antique fireplace and boiserie, and large panoramic windows with a view over the Moskva River embankment. The Brand Chef of the restaurant is a talented, well known culinary writer and TV presenter Vlad Piskunov, who has a profound knowledge of Russian history and traditions. The restaurants menu is entered around the best produce from across Russia.

Café Pouchkine

Cherishing the traditions of Russian gourmet cooking in the heart of France, Café Pouchkine at Place de la Madeleine offers dishes devised by top-tier French chefs in palatial interiors. Today the brand is an intrinsic part of the City of Lights cosmopolitan allure, and location of the restaurant makes Café Pouchkine a favorable starting point to explore its gastronomic quarter. Confectionery became a legend in its own right, noted as the best pastry shop in Paris in Suits TV series.

Chain of Cafes


MU-MU café is famous for the high quality dishes, reasonable prices and the attentive attitude to every guest. The cafes are open from 8 till 23 (the working hours for each café are available in Our addresses section), while the 24/7 cafes are located at: Frunzenskaya metro station, 26, Komsomolskiy prospect (Service break 03:00-05:00) Dobryninskaya metro station, 1, Koroviy Val street (Service break 03:00-05:30) Our menu features more than 100 dishes of home cuisine, cooked according to our special recopies. You can order any of them to be delivered to your home. The delivery works from 10:00 till 22:00.

Dellos atering

Catering as a phenomenon is at least several hundred years old, although it started bearing its name only in the 20th century. Cafe Pushkin Catering was launched in 2006. Due to impeccable reputation of Maison Dellos restaurants, Cafe Pushkin Catering quickly acquired a leading position in the luxury segment of catering.


Our catering service was launced in 2010. We are at the forefront of the market, leading the way in the field.

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