Andrey Dellos

Andrey Dellos has mastered not only the art of decor and high cuisine, but also he is a connoisseur of European art. This passion is reflected in Maison Dellos restaurants. They answer to the highest standards, be it cuisine, atmosphere, personnel, interior design or guests.

Now all of Andrey Dellos projects are part of Maison Dellos. There are restaurants with original concepts in Moscow: Bochka, Shinok, Cafe Pushkin, Patisserie Cafe Pushkin, Turandot, Kazbek, Fahrenheit, 'Volna' and 'Matryoshka', a chain of cafes called Moo Moo - 37 of them, two Patisseries and a restaurant Cafe Pouchkine, five confectionary boutiques 'Pushkinette' in Paris. Maison Dellos includes four catering services: Dellos Catering, Delicatering, catering for business and private aviation Dellos Air Service.

Jewelry boutiques Buccellati, a beauty salon The Embassy of Beauty, antique shop Antique are all creative projects by A.K. Dellos. Their cultural base and stylistic approach are totally in line with the concept of Maison Dellos.

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