The history of ‘Maison Dellos’ starts its count from 1996 when Andrey Dellos opened his first restaurant ‘Bochka’ with homemade Russian food, welcoming fire of the open grill, relaxing music and unusually cosy atmosphere. Here the entertainment policy was conceived which totally manifested itself later at a Ukrainian restaurant ‘Shinok’. The main point is to transform the centre of the room into a stage where all the action relevant to the spirit of the place takes place. ‘Bochka‘ has an open grill where whole lambs are being roasted, while ‘Shinok‘ boasts an imitation of country life with a real horse, goats, roosters and a shepherdess.
"Le Duc" and "Manon" In 1998 a new project appeared, a French restaurant Le Duc with interiors of a Gothic castle in medieval France, classical music, chef-d’oeuvres of French cuisine and extensive wine list with more than 500 items. Le Duc was the first Moscow restaurant which kitchen was headed by world famous chefs, holders of several Michelin stars – Jérфme Coustillas, Eric le Provos, Michel Del Burgo. Now it is replaced by Manon, one of the most fashionable places in Moscow, a trendsetter of capital’s club life. "Café Pushkin" Café Pushkin restaurant, opened in 1999, is the most famous project of Maison Dellos. It is one of the few Moscow restaurants that got into Europe’s Top 25 and World’s Top 100. Café Pushkin is a piece of old noble Moscow in the centre of a modern megalopolis. Its amazing atmosphere and excellent cuisine conquered Bill Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Madeleine Albright, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jack Nicholson, Quentin Tarantino, Angelina Jolie, Will Smith, Meryl Streep, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sophie Marceau, Gérard Depardieu, Fanny Ardant, Catherine Deneuve – this is just a small part of all celebrity guests of the restaurant. The autographs of the world stars occupy 4 volumes of the guestbook of “Café Pushkin” and to name all celebrities one will need tens of pages.
In 1999 A.K. Dellos opened a chain of cafes under the name of Moo-Moo, which soon gained well-deserved popularity in Moscow.
The end of 2005 was marked by opening of the biggest project by A.K. Dellos . The luxurious restaurant looked like a palace and bore a name of Turandot . The refurbishing, decorating and preparation process took six years to accomplish, but the result was worth waiting for. Elegant tablewear, antique furniture, classical music, exquisite European and Oriental cuisine can be experienced in a luscious setting of Chinese-esque interior.
The delightful patisserie Café Pushkin was opened in 2006. The delicious creations of the pastry shop are the true pieces of art. Its exquisite 18th century interior is the perfect setting for a romantic date or family gathering.
In 2008 Dellos opened two absolutely different restaurants that shared the same relaxed vibe. Cafe Manon displays eclectic interior, atmospheric electronic music and immaculate harmony of Mideterranian cuisine. Casta Diva is a garden with blue skies, antique columns in the midst of greenery and flowers, offering a wide array of Italian gourmet creations.
The legendary Parisian department store Printemps saw Cafe Pushkin appearing on its first floor in July of 2010. The cafe’s interior is rich in Russian references. Russian style reveals itself in full grandeur in the wonderful dessert menue. Honey cake, gingerbread and Praga gateau by Emannuel Rion conquer the hearts of French and feed on nostalgic feelings of Russians stranded away from home.
2013 has become a year of further expansion of Maison Dellos. New restaurant was launched on the other side of the Atlantic, in New York. Betony, is a restaurant of modern American cuisine with an outstanding bar menu. It is located in Midtown Manhattan. It is the first restaurant of a Russian restaurateur that has received a Michelin star. It has also been awarded three stars from The New York Times. The Chef Bryce Shuman used to work as a sous-chef at Eleven Madison Park, one of the most famous and critically acclaimed restaurants of New York.
In November 2014, "Fahrenheit” restaurant was opened in Moscow. An exceptional, audacious, creative and modern, rich in cultural and gastronomic events. The restaurant’s concept is based on the casual gastronomic cuisine for every day, bright and extensive, but simple and clear at the same time.
The new atmospheric restaurant of Georgian cuisine 'Kazbek' was open in October 2016 on the 1905 Street. Lots of daylight, artificially aged walls, carved wooden shutters, textured floor, a huge built-in buffet, wood-fired oven and wide-view windows that separate the kitchen, so the guests can observe the young Chef form Tbilisi Mamia Jodjua and his mother Nana at work.
In January 2017, the group Maison Dellos has opened the fish and seafood restaurant 'Volna' on the Tverskoi Boulevard. The menu features the dishes based on the fishermen's recipes allowing to preserve the freshness and taste of the ingredients. Just a month later, in February, the new restaurant of Russian cuisine 'Matryoshka' was opened on the Kutuzovski Boulevard. The magical settings represent a synthesis of the Belle Epoque and Industrial Revolution. The kitchen is headed by the renowned creative Chef Vlad Piskunov, who highly values and showcases the ingredients from all over Russia. The restaurant menu is being added and adjusted along with the seasons.

Andrey Dellos

Andrey Dellos has mastered not only the art of decor and high cuisine, but also he is a connoisseur of European art. This passion is reflected in Maison Dellos restaurants. They answer to the highest standards, be it cuisine, atmosphere, personnel, interior design or guests.

Andrey Dellos

Now all of Andrey Dellos» projects are part of Maison Dellos. There are restaurants with original concepts in Moscow: «Bochka», «Shinok», «Cafe Pushkin», Patisserie «Cafe Pushkin», «Turandot», «Kazbek«, «Fahrenheit», «Volna» and 'Matryoshka», a chain of cafes called «Moo Moo» - 37 of them, two Patisseries and a restaurant «Cafe Pouchkine», five confectionary boutiques «Pushkinette» in Paris. Maison Dellos includes four catering services: «Dellos Catering», «Delicatering», catering for business and private aviation «Dellos Air Service».

Jewelry boutiques «Buccellati», a beauty salon «The Embassy of Beauty«, antique shop «Antique» are all creative projects by A.K. Dellos. Their cultural base and stylistic approach are totally in line with the concept of Maison Dellos.