Breakfast at Russian cuisine restaurant Matryoshka

Delicious and balanced breakfast is the key to a wonderful mood and great day ahead! 8am till 12pm on weekdays, 8am till 2pm on weekends.


Andrey Dellos is recognized not only for his achievements in haute cuisine and interior design. He is also a connoisseur of European culture in all its diversity. Obviously, food in Maison Dellos restaurants is always of the best quality, but it is not just the food. Everything: atmosphere, staff, interior design and guests are of the highest class.

Maybe that is why Maison Dellos enjoys international recognition. Patesserie Cafe Pouchkine was launched in Paris and soon was called the best in town.

When talking about origins of his projects, Andrey says that every good idea stems from allowing yourself to be a little crazy sometimes. He adds that all visitors of his restaurants are actors, and as new restaurants appear the whole thing becomes even more theatrical.

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